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Running Tips from Coach Lauren

Hey Guys!

Just want to say everyone’s running is looking great! Those miles are adding up on the board at the box! How is everyone feeling? Anyone feeling a little stiff, like you need some mobility exercises? Well guess what, we’ve got some coming your way.

Did you know that there is a difference between flexibility and mobility? If you can touch your toes with your fingers from the standing position without bending your knees, then you are flexible. •Flexibility• is the capacity a joint can be moved through a wide range of motion. •Mobility• is the capacity to ACTIVELY move a joint through a normal range of motion with efficiency and strength. If you can run 100 meters in 13 seconds, which requires that you cover a lot of ground with each stride, then your hips have good mobility.

There are numerous mobility movements and stretches that you can do to increase your mobility. A lot of them we already do during our Warm Ups before the WOD! So you will recognize some of these examples. Here are just a few of movements that you can work on!

•Couch Stretch• -Kneel on one knee in front of a wall, with the shin of your back leg against the wall and the top of your back foot touching the wall. Plant your front foot on the floor, with the knee bent at 90°. Place your hands on your hips or lean your forearm on your front leg and push your hips forward to create a stretch through the hip flexor.

•Walking Butt Kicks• -From a standing position, take a step forward and kick the heel of one leg backward toward your glutes. Using the hand on the same side, actively pull the heel into your glutes and come up on the toes of the opposite foot simultaneously. Maintain good posture (avoid forward leaning) and do not allow the leg to move to the side. Hold this position for one second and then place your foot back on the floor and repeat this movement with the opposite leg.

•Walking Lunge with Overhead Reach• -Stand normally and raise both arms straight overhead. Take a long step forward with one leg and bend both knees until the knee of the trailing leg grazes the floor. Thrust forward off the front foot and lunge with the opposite leg, keeping your arms raised.

•Calf Stretches• -Stand on a step or stair, feet hip-width apart, with the back half of both feet hanging down. Slowly lift yourself up onto your toes, spreading the load equally between your feet. Use the wall for balance. Lower your feet, to the point where your heels are lower than the step. That’s one raise.

•Thoracic Spine Rolling• FOAM ROLL THAT T-SPINE

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