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Meet Coach Rick

Meet CrossFit Phillipsburg’s STAFF Spotlight this week: Sheedy, Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Phillipsburg. Rick works full time as a Corrections Officer. He lives in Phillipsburg with his wife, Kelly and their dog, Duke. Rick started CrossFit in 2015 after winning a free trial at a golf outing. At the time, he was powerlifting competitively and doing cardio at a regular gym. Nevertheless, he felt like something was missing with his fitness.

Within a month, he was all about CrossFit. He enjoyed the high-intensity workouts, programming, and sense of community. Pushing yourself to the absolute max in a room filled with others doing the same was addicting. Within two years, Rick received his CrossFit Level I Certification and started coaching at CrossFit Phillipsburg. True to his powerlifting roots, he loves lifting heavy weights and never misses “Deadlift Day”. Rick is constantly challenging himself doing CrossFit competitions and loves working out with his wife. He believes in working hard and having perseverance.

Not taking short cuts because you’re only cheating yourself. It’s all about what you do when no one is watching.

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