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Meet Coach Ana

Meet Coach Ana Guzman. Ana is a civil engineer who works full time as a construction project manager. She started CrossFit 7 years ago in Staten Island with her husband, Coach Kyle. Ana played softball and ran cross country in high school but had no fitness background when she started CrossFit. She was tired of doing the elliptical and Zumba classes and Kyle convinced her that they should try CrossFit together. It was a struggle at first, but Ana soon got motivated to learn and become proficient in most CrossFit movements. She went from doing ring rows to doing ring muscle ups and from cleaning the 15lb training barbell to cleaning 185lbs. In 2014, Ana became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, but it was not until this year that she decided to give coaching a try. Ana may be newer to coaching but she has 7 years of doing CrossFit consistently, five times a week, has competed in CrossFit competitions, a few 5Ks and even a half marathon. Ana believes that nutrition plays an important role in your fitness goals and that your CrossFit success depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. If she was able to go from “skinny fat” with no fitness background to a “muscular CrossFit athlete” so can you!

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